We continuously nurture our corporate conscience and shared value creation by advocating and applying the highest ethical standards in every single activity we are engaged in

Economic Responsibility

QUANTUM PHARMACEUTICALS S.A. is committed to the concept and day-to-day implementation of sustainability for all its stakeholders. Our corporate responsibility relies on our economic sustainability to create a virtuous cycle supporting innovation initiatives, research and development investments, product integrity and adoption, and social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

We are involved in community based projects to support access to education and in order to empower the youth of today with equal opportunities to develop their potential.

By supporting education at large, we consistently commit to fostering academic initiatives to support the scientific community. We also believe that continuing education helps people to develop their abilities to explore new value creation opportunities at the short and long term for our organization, overall stakeholders and society. We are convinced that those principles and corporate values are conducive to mutual respect, integrity and dedication to operational excellence.

Environmental Responsibility

By pioneering research and product formulations based on natural active ingredients, we assess, analyse and quantify sustainable yield of natural capital that can be extracted without reducing the base of capital itself. We consequently ensure that the future of the ecosystem is preserved.

Within a dynamic ecological context, we develop agreements with local authorities to allow the right eco-conscious extraction amounts of the necessary local ingredients, and to enable a sustainable and eco-neutral harvest